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Playing with ice

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By Ferdinand Vogler 05.03.2019 6 min read

“Wow, this feels warm!”
I’m trying to trick my body into the water. As the cold pierces into my ancles, everything in my body screams to get out of the element humans were clearly not made for. Breathe in, breathe out. Repeat.

Some ice clings to the branches of bleak trees. Nature is resting in a slumber awaiting warmer times. Around me are five smiling faces in swim wear. Some strollers on the other side of the river give us their thumbs-up and start taking pictures. I feel alive, very alive.

Besides the scientifically proven health benefits, going into the cold is active stress management. By playing around with ice, this is what I learned over the past few years.

How to deal with freezing



Emotions, a dish best served cold

When I get into the cold, I get the whole palette of primal fears and joys served up all at once. I have to conquer my willpower, I can feel my heart shooting adrenaline through my veins. I get out of the water and feel relief and pride of having done it again. As soon as the warmth comes back, I get a big smile and feel kind of “high”. I wonder if there is a connection between the the popularity of ice bathing and dark winters in the Scandinavian countries?

Too much high-energy-food causes diseases like overweight. Constant warmth and comfort can be put on the same scale. It’s okay to freeze for an hour and then return to our heated homes. This stuff works. Try it!

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