Symptoms of weak product positioning

The good stuff sticks

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By Ferdinand Vogler 17.09.2019 4 min read

If you’re running a startup, getting those first customers can be really hard. If a potential customer visits your website, do they immediately know what you do? You might have trouble selling to customers already. Mid-funnel people are re-evaluating if your solution really solves their problems. Selling seems to take forever. A hightened churn rate shows, that customers are ditching your solution after buying it, because you didn’t meet expectations.

People don’t know what you do

If people don’t understand what you do, you’ll get compared to competitors, that might not even be your competitors. You might be struggling already and be desperate for every bit of revenue flowing in. But if potential customers don’t care about what makes your product stand out, tell them it’s not what they need. They’ll thank you later. Meanwhile work on having potential customers realize that by themselves by communicating clearly. If people would have speech bubbles above their heads, your customer should either have a blaring “Hell Yes” or “Nope” floating above them.

What makes your loyal customer’s eyes sparkle?

What are the things that your most loyal customers absolutely love about your product? Focus on that. There are certain features you might have to tick checkboxes with, but that shouldn’t be at the forefront of your communication. Maybe you should even get rid of them if they blur your communication. Would you trust a restaurant serving the city’s best oysters as well as the city’s best cheesecake?

No is a “Go” for others

Having people say “No” to your product is a good thing, as long as you gather equally as much fans around your product. Don’t be the “everything for everybody”, that’s a trap too many fall into since it seems like something you can sell to a large customer base. Lead with the good stuff, since the good stuff sticks.

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